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WOLFDRIVE Fahrschule | Nina Wolf


Florencio Cruz.jpg

Florencio Cruz

"Amazing experience, Nina really gave me all the advices I needed to pass the test, but not just for the test, she taught me how to be more aware and how to became a better driver, she speaks perfect english and she is 100% honest. Thank you again... Florencio"

Karin Vögelin:

"Nina was the absolute stroke of luck for me in terms of driving lessons. Humorous, motivating, patient, committed, amicable, just everything that is required for good, instructive L-driving. I can only recommend Nina what I am doing at this point . :-) "

Roshan Aarons:

"Nina is by far one of the most professional yet friendly driving instructors in Zurich. As an expatriate in Switzerland, I had contacted many driving schools, however none of them were as pro-active & helpful as Nina. My wife & I needed an English speaking instructor and Nina was just perfect for us. She guided me through the whole process of exchanging my wife's license from the Middle East and my license from India. In just a few classes my wife & I passed our driving test although we had no prior knowledge about the European road rules & regulations. Nina trains you to become the best so that there is no room for error. I highly recommend Nina to anyone needing to learn driving in Zurich."


Massimo Monteleone:
"GO NINA GO NINA :) thank you for everything you are surely the best, keep up the good work ... and stay as cool as you are ;) tvb"


Devan Pillay:

"Nina Wolf is a professional driving instructor who not only prepares you for the drivers test but cares enough to ensure you understand and apply the rules of the road eveytime you sit behind the wheel of a car. Time well invested and I would recommend Nina to new drivers as well as foreign drivers wishing to convert their license to a Swiss license. Thanks Nina "


Donna Feiss:

"Dear Nina, Thank you very much for the great and funny driving lesson. I always felt very comfortable with you. You are incredibly patient and explain the same thing seven times. You always believed in me, even if I have been giving up for a long time. In addition to the driving lessons, I was allowed to explore the streets of Zurich with you, drive a veeeery cool car and chat about my pets. Many thanks for everything!"

Angela Pina Ganzoni:

"With Nina in the passenger seat you can drive safely and happily through Zurich until you no longer need her! Very friendly teacher, very pleasant car - I really recommend her with all my heart! Olé Ps. Hold = switch"


Michael Hässig:

"Nina is great. I can only recommend her. You learn a lot and quickly, you have a lot of fun in the lessons and these go by in a flash (unfortunately). Her criticism is honest and direct."


Gina Hull:

"After driving for almost 30 years, it was a little daunting having to undergo a driving test again in order to convert my license to a Swiss license. Thanks to Nina, I was able to confidently pass my exam. Her instruction is very clear, her tips were invaluable and her knowledge of the Swiss traffic system was superb. There were no surprises in the test as we had covered everything in our lessons together. "


Martina Zünd:
"Nina Wolf is the best driving instructor in the world !!! Very nice, intelligent, sensitive, patient and serious! Careful exam preparation and good explanations as well as pleasant, friendly and respectful manner and contemporary teaching methods. Highly recommended!"

Eva Wohlgemut:
"Nina was great :) Despite my occasional confusion, she always remained calm and taught me to drive in such a way that I can feel safe now, alone on the road. At this point again: Thank you Nina! :) "


John Wright:
"I can only recommend Nina! She is just great. Very friendly, patient, attentive and, above all, very funny. If you want a capable, honest and friendly driving instructor, then she is the right choice."


Ali Mirsadi

"Having been a driver already for several years, I was a bit worried to go back to the basics and having someone telling how to drive. However I had a great experience with Nina, the instructor, adapted quickly to my needs, and never made me feel like a beginner. She was very professional, patient, and a lot of fun. Would recommend her to anyone wanting to pass “Kontrollfahrt” test first time around."

Lothar Nanzer:
"My experience with Nina Wolf was excellent. She is characterized by excellent specialist knowledge, great flexibility, a lot of patience and empathy. I can recommend her without reservation at any time. Lothar Nanzer"



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